• SMS verification code

    Applicable business scenarios including User Login, Sign Up, Forget Password, Payment Verification, Abnormal Login, etc. High channel quality, with 99.99% of arrival rate; response in seconds; cover all number segments of China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

    Template: Dear Customer, the verification code for signing up is 123456, which is valid in five minutes. Please do not disclose it to others.
  • Interactive SMS

    Customers can create the contents to be published for interaction all by themselves, including the construction of themes, reply options, response rules, and effective time for interaction. The platform can count up number of participants, replies, interactive scenarios, questionnaires, lucky draw, votes and so on.

    Template:Dear customer, on this day of xx festival, to show our thanks for the support from new and old customers, reply this message with NSJ during xx (MM) xx (DD) to xx (DD), the first xx customers can get a gift. Login the official website xxx to see details! Reply T for unsubscription.
    The message received by the first 100 customers: Thanks for your support to us! There’s a gift waiting for you to claim. Login the official website xxx to see details.
    The message received by customers other than the first 100:Sorry, you have missed the opportunity to obtain a gift, maybe next time.
    The activity is over: Thanks for your participation. The activity has ended on xx (DD). For information on other activities, please follow our official website xxxx.
  • International SMS

    Comparable to the speed in domestic. Exclusive and high-quality channel resources, which is safe, fast, reliable and stable. Connect more than 200 countries and regions; support more than 1,000 gateways, online editing of multiple languages, and real-time barrier-free transmission. The success rate of service in 5s is 99.8%.

    Applicable to: Confirmation of cross-border orders, identity verification of overseas users, payment authorization for overseas customers, logistics notification for overseas transactions, marketing and promotion of overseas members, marketing and promotion of cross-border members, as well as track and query of cross-border trades.
  • MMS (multimedia message)

    Personalized picture MMS: Customizing personalized MMS for blessing can make MMS exclusive and better show the sender’s regards. Either the name or the photo of the sender or the blessed is contained in the MMS, which is fashionable, individualized and expressive, such as a birthday blessing or special event.

  • Video MMS

    The future trend of marketing promotion is to integrate video, audio, pictures, text and other video formats into one SMS to make it one of the media dedicated to helping enterprises and businesses accurately and rapidly send information push to target users. It contains interactive SMS content, which can reach users quickly and accurately. Besides, it can reach users’ mobile phones directly without downloading any APP.
    Send marketing content in the form of image, text, audio and video to users through video MMS, with richer content, more direct display and more remarkable effect.