Yike’s way with SMS, worth exploring!


Since people used to use wechat, they seldom use SMS to communicate with each other. SMS has become a communication tool for business services, which is called "business SMS" in professional terms. Due to the advantages of high speed, strong penetration and low price, business SMS is still one of the main Internet advertising methods.

Open Baidu, search for the word "SMS", full of ads about the release of SMS, among which, through the extremely low price to attract attention, has become the marketing method of SMS service providers. Some service providers even seize the market with the price of 0.02 yuan / piece, which is lower than the cost of operators.

As a professional SMS service provider, Shanghai Yike e-commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yike) was impacted by low-cost SMS service several years ago. However, in the face of this unreasonable market competition, Yike did not blindly follow the trend of price reduction. Instead, it won the favor of customers by improving technical ability, developing new business and providing high-quality service.

The professionals who know the SMS service know that the sending of business SMS still has certain requirements for technology. Since the beginning of 20 years, Yike has successively developed such systems as yike.com.yitong to improve the service level of SMS. Through these systems, the SMS sent by Yike have such outstanding characteristics as high quality of sending channel, second level response, wide coverage, strong interaction, etc., which can provide customers with more abundant SMS sending forms, show more intuitive, more obvious effects, and obtain good promotion experience. These systems have obtained the software enterprise certification certificate issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, CQC China Quality Certification and other information security management system certification certificates.

With the advent of the era of big data marketing, Yike has launched an automatic and intelligent big data analysis + SMS service project to meet the special needs of customers who need specific groups to carry out marketing, including education and training, medical beauty, financial management, wedding, decoration and other low-frequency and high consumption industries. Especially after the operators launched the video MMS, Yike is trying to iterate the creative content with the appropriate content groups, which not only meets the requirements of customers to improve the marketing effect, but also meets the requirements of mobile phone users for timely access to interesting and valuable information.

In addition to consolidating itself in technology and breaking through itself in products, Yike attaches great importance to service. In order to truly, timely and objectively reflect the effect of SMS delivery, Yike has built a complete customer service system and system. The operation of these systems and systems can ensure customer satisfaction as far as possible, and make SMS release achieve better results. Today, Yike has become one of the few companies in the SMS industry to obtain a variety of qualifications.

As we all know, business SMS is widely used in many fields, such as enterprise office, member notification, supply chain management, customer service and so on. In the future, Yike's SMS business will adhere to the principle of "customer service SMS is refined and refined, and commercial promotion SMS is accurate and accurate". It will continue to work hard on technology, products and services to maintain the level of an excellent professional company.